International Repatriation from Russia to the United Kingdom (UK)

Repatriation of the Deceased from Russia can take some time and a calm approach is required.

Under Russian Law an autopsy is compulsory if the Deceased has not been in a hospital for at least three days prior to death.

Although the permission of the Next of Kin is required, in practice it has to be given. Withholding permission will increase costs.

Russian Funeral Directors are not used to working with the general public and so our contacts are very relevant.

A repatriation form a major City such as Moscow to a UK airport will cost in the region of £4,500.00.

If the Deceased is situated in the outer Regions of Russia the cost will be significantly more and an individual quotation will be given by us.

The time frame for a repatriation from a main city in Russia will be 10-15 days but much longer for outer regions. Please contact our for details of our repatriation service to the UK from overseas.


Repatriation coming home to the United Kingdom

Sample Repatriation Destinations - click for costs

Insurance and Assistance companies please contact our Repatriation Head Office for trade enquiries.

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