International Repatriation from India to the United Kingdom (UK)

Repatriation of the Deceased from cities such as Mumbai, Goa or New Delhi can take some time but if the death is in or near one of these main cities in India the time frame can be reduced.

The Next of Kin of the Deceased is required to sign a letter of Authority to give Steven Mears International Repatriation power to act.

This letter will be used to gain official documents from Government Offices, Police, Consulate, and Hospital and Government mortuaries.

As with all repatriations to the United Kingdom the Deceased need to be fully Embalmed and placed in a zinc lined coffin or casket.

Transportation would always be by air.

As of January 2012 the approximate cost of the Repatriation from one of the main cities in India is in the region of £2,300.00. This is a guide cost only and a full quotation will be given on a case by case basis.

This would include all costs to the United Kingdom and collection from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport to our London Mortuary. Forward transportation and Burial/Cremation costs in the UK are in addition.

Please contact our for details of our repatriation service to the UK from India.


Repatriation coming home to the United Kingdom

Sample Repatriation Destinations - click for costs

Insurance and Assistance companies please contact our Repatriation Head Office for trade enquiries.

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