Coffin & Casket Considerations

For transportation beyond the UK and Ireland a zinc lined coffin is required.

Our standard oak veneer coffin is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified European forests.  It is then zinc lined and sealed to conform to international transportation regulations.

The coffin is suitable for burial or cremation in the destination country.

For Ireland the same coffin is used but due to the lower altitude of the aeroplanes zinc lining is not required.

A metal casket can be used for repatriation to countries such as Jamaica and Nigeria. These do not require zinc lining and can be used for burial on arrival.

We have a large selection of coffins and caskets available.

As can be seen throughout our website, we try to be as transparent as possible with regard to information, service and complete charging structure.

To this end, we have listed below as many repatriation destinations as possible with precise costings. These prices are based on our best estimate of cost although they are subject to change but are updated regularly.

Pricing is based on "standard" weights and sizes used across the airline industry and assumes the following:

  • The overall weight if a coffin is used during the repatriation is no more than 130kg.
  • Coffin size is up to 6'4" x 22" x 12" (193cm x 56cm x 30cm)
  • The overall weight if an American Casket is used is no more than 150kg

If these weights and/or sizes are exceeded, a surcharge maybe payable.

Traditional English Coffins

Metal Caskets

Wooden Zinc Lined Caskets

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