International Repatriation from France to the United Kingdom (UK)

For the Repatriation of the Deceased from France we always provide a quotation on a case-by-case basis. For an example we have recently repatriated a Deceased from Vire, which is in the far East of France so a particular challenging location. The cost of this Repatriation was £3,800. (December 2019)

This is a guide cost only and a full quotation will be given on a case by case basis. There may be some further cost if morgue and/or hospital expenses are incurred.

Full embalming and preparation of the Deceased is always carried out by our team.

In addition the quotation covers :

  • Standard Zinc lined wooden Coffin for air travel.
  • Airtight canvas sealed cover for coffin.
  • Hearse and staff from Mortuary to Airport.
  • Highway Tolls, Police taxes, fuel surcharge.
  • Airfreight Charge, Security and x-ray.
  • Airport handling, AWB and documentation.
  • UK and overseas Funeral Directors Charges.

This would include all costs to the United Kingdom and collection from Heathrow or Gatwick Airport to our London Mortuary. Forward transportation and Burial/Cremation costs in the UK are in addition.

Please contact our for details of our repatriation service to the UK from France.


Repatriation coming home to the United Kingdom

Sample Repatriation Destinations - click for costs

Insurance and Assistance companies please contact our Repatriation Head Office for trade enquiries.

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