Whether you are arranging a repatriation from the UK to overseas, or vice versa, transportation across international borders adds a level of complexity to the process.

With more than twenty years repatriation experience, we are familiar with all the forms, certificates and permits that are required. We take care of all documentation as part of our repatriation services including those elements that have to be translated.

Most destinations require a copy of the Death Certificate to be legalised. Mears Repatriation is allowed, as an approved Company, to do this in London directly at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. There is however a charge of £75 for this to be done.

We will apply for the Coroners Out of England Certificate and issue an Embalming Certificate to allow transportation.

Whilst desirable to have the original passport or ID of the Deceased is not always required so don't worry if you are not able to find it.

We will ask for a copy to be emailed to us and you should inform us if you do not have the passport.

An out-of-date passport or ID is also not a hindrance to the repatriation process.

An affidavit can be sworn at a local Solicitors office by a relative and this will circumnavigate any obstacles with regards to a lost or expired passport or ID card.

We will produce all documents that are required by the Solicitor.

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