Update from Mears Repatriation 21st April 2020

Update from Mears Repatriation

Don’t Worry - We are still here to help


In these unusual times we are experiencing an unprecedented curtailment of international air transport which has had a direct impact on the repatriation of the deceased in and out of the United Kingdom. Whilst there may be limited flights still available to many destinations, the carrying of human remains to these countries may not be possible.


Our team of repatriation specialists is available to provide you with expert advice and the latest information from our global airline partners. We are continuing to provide our repatriation services during the current health crisis and we will look after your loved one until a flight is available [1].


Your loved one will be cared for within our extensive, modern facilities until flights are available for them to be repatriated and our mortuary technicians perform daily documented checks to ensure the very best care of your loved one.



We have not been advised of any restrictions on the repatriation of loved ones where COVID-19 has been recorded as a cause of death. Our embalmers and mortuary technicians are specially trained and have the appropriate PPE to ensure that embalming and care of the deceased is carried out safely and to the standards required for international repatriation. 


If you have any questions about having your loved one to be repatriated, please contact one of our repatriation specialists on 020 3455 0305. 


Please rest assured that we are here to help.


The repatriation team @ Mears Repatriation


[1] The first 14 days care of your loved one are included in our fully inclusive repatriation price, each week thereafter is charged at £50 per week or part thereof.

For more information about our international repatriation service, please click on the button.

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