Pilots at Lufthansa Airlines will hold a three day strike

Pilots at Lufthansa Airlines are due to hold a three-day strike from 2200 GMT on 1 April, their union has announced.

The strike, over pay and working conditions, is likely to cause the cancellation of hundreds of flights.

It will affect Lufthansa passenger services at all airports in Germany, as well as Lufthansa Cargo worldwide.

This will effectively stop any repatriations to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, by Lufthansa.

So far we have had to cancel three cases due to be transported by Lufthansa. Although we have managed to use Air France there is a cost increase as all their rates have gone up.

One of our clients decided to wait and have the repatriation after the strike. We are hopeful that Lufthansa's flights will be back to normal by the end of the week.

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