Guarantee of Trust

A Mears Repatriation Funeral plan is a safe and secure way to pre-plan and pre-pay for your repatriation. Your wishes are entrusted to our safekeeping, benefitting from over four generations of the Mears family respectful service.

  • Peace of Mind

A Mears Repatriation Funeral Plan will give you the peace of mind of knowing your affairs are in safe hands, your repatriation details are planned and well managed, and the costs have been covered at today's prices.

If at the time of need it is decided to proceed with a funeral in the UK the plan value can be put towards the cost.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance

There is no age limit to securing a pre-paid plan and no medical tests or declarations of good health. This is a funeral plan not an insurance policy.

  • Security of Funds

When you take out a Mears Repatriation plan, you have the reassurance that your money is protected. 

You select how you wish to pay for you plan and, depending on your choice, your money is paid to Golden Leaves which is a registered provider of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) and complies the FPA rules and code of practice.

In addition Mears Repatriation is a full member of the National Association of Funeral Directors.

  • The Trust

Your money is held in a trust separately to Golden Charter and Mears Repatriation and managed by Independent Trustees to ensure your money is protected. An actuarial valuation is performed annually to ensure there are sufficient assets to meet the future payments to Funeral Directors such as Mears Repatriation.

Mears Repatriation does not receive any payment for the repatriation until we provide the service at the time of need.

  • Available throughout Europe

We provide for UK residents as well as expatriates who choose to live and travel abroad. Our services are available throughout Europe and other selected countries.

  • Recognition and Association

Golden Charter is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority.

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